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Let’s start microblogging with tumblr.! I’ll mostly post in English because has more audience and it’s good for practising it a little more!

I’ll post/fill this with INT/MISC STUFF, what I may thought, what I enjoy... Let’s post like pooping! —->this is about sketching, nothing really polished, just some ideas/concepts from my mind flow recorded here.

Another entertaining text


Sharp noir shadows, piercing shiny gazes, round firm breasts, overwhelming rush of feelings from the passionate characters. The story might not be fully clever but the style always countervails it. It’s not about telling the nicest emotive tale but to catch the eye and succumb to its coolness. It looks awesome, it looks cool! Damn I wanna be there! This is the spirit. (Let’s describe part of a hypothetic chapter of a manga:

While the keen arrows almost puncture your already wounded and tired semi naked bodies, you’ll eventually find the ultimate weapon to win the happening battle by violently crush the awful enemy! —- Yeah! Damn, give me more! No problem here it goes: —- Covered in sweaty bloody rags, you lay exhausted in the arena; you are yet to recover your breath when the female character starts crying. —- Why? Well you just participated in a spectacular cruel battle and you swim in a confusing pool of hormones and neurotransmitters. Back to the story: —- The male character embraces her. “It’s all over now”. She squeezes him and heavily sheds tears for 20 more seconds. —- Whoa he’s a boy and has the prey in his arms! —- With all his boldness starts a slow and confident kiss by putting in contact their lips with relish. Heart rates raise to the tree digits and an idealistically lustful scene flashes. —- Notice you can choose which character you are, the boy or the girl. —- The male character gently creeps her body that lies on the ground and almost covers her with the hunky body. Another kiss goes on, but his lips descent trough her neck and encounters the ripped bra and with a frolicsome bite shows her turgid boobs. The nipples flash and deserve a tongue massage. The hands soon join the desire show and flatter her chest. One of her hands grab his hot spiky black hair while the other grips his chest, first below the neck and plays with the light chest hair to continue mashing one nipple. But no time to waste! The boy keeps his journey and descents down and down. Fast pit stop in the belly button with the face and at the same time: rough butt grabbing. The mouth encounters the panties, the peach bulges magnificent, but anything is going to stop him now, it is there, ready to be taken!

She arches to reach his head and grab her boy. She feels it, the arousal makes her shudder. Her juicy lips moan his name and he slurps her peach through the moist panties. Between warm sighs he wantonly bites and pulls downs her panties. Without hesitate he licks it and plunges his tongue deep the peach, the hands firmly hold the continuum of her gorgeous body. The gift stimulation goes on driving her crazy…


—- Whoa! That’s some serious stuff! Now let’s switch to some hints I sometimes follow and now I give to you:

This homage to themselves and especially to their alluring bodies may last some more paragraphs and end with almost synced sexual rapture of the two protagonists. Since the target of this media is relatively wide this should be classic and idealistic to be enjoyed by a majority, some hints: The man probably will drive to intercourse and take most of the initiative. First pleasuring her with alternatives, being aided by his tongue and playful fingers… let’s say to “her 70%”, and then passing to the action actually using “the wiener” and terminating the spicy liaison with loud fireworks. Concerning her, as I’ve said the scene would be classic, she just has to be a total hottie, put faces of extreme pleasure and a light incommodity and surprise him with some kind of game or “job”.

I really love this scene, from the steamy hot ones; maybe this sequence of events is my favorite.                                                                                   

Another thing to have in mind: how much do you want to show and for how long? I wrote (I think) some really steamy lines with enough details but didn’t end (as you see I just putted “…”). If you want to drive the audience crazy, and I’m talking about soaking their panties and briefs you should keep the flames alive some more paragraphs (or vignettes if you draw) and actually end the whole scene with the ecstasy of the characters (that will sync with the readers!). Of course keep it easy, don’t be tiring but put some details and keep things running. Few things are more annoying than pages and pages of descriptive boring stuff that goes anywhere.

Ending a chapter with first the fight/battle/action and then the surge of spicy gravy that will enjoy both boys and girls it’s a good point. In this case you leave the audience fully satisfied and ready to go to sleep after a fervent session of big sensations. The bad thing about this is you don’t put a seed for the next chapter and let the audience relax too much. Some authors like putting some pages of preview for the next chapter, but my belief is this just erases the good feeling the main story leaves and makes them nervous, but it’s in your hands to decide.

The next chapter shouldn’t be much linked to end of the previous, moreover, what do you want to say after that amount of magic? -Want a cig? ; -Let’s eat pizza/watch a series? -Definitely no. Let’s try and put the characters in other entertaining situations. Now I’m gonna name them coz’s really tiring to just use pronouns. For example my brain is pooping this…


In the company office Rob (Robert), Sam (Samantha) and Jessie (male) where wasting their time. Rob was smoking his handmade cigs, Sam was preparing margaritas (yeah, you’re right, the beverage) and Jessie played videogames. It was eleven o’clock in the morning and any big job assignment had popped yet. Of course minor jobs like tidying up the room, buying coffee, cleaning and putting gas in the van where always to do, but the whole team didn’t find the right moment to do it. Eventually the phone rang and Rob answered it. It was from Gympie. The owner of an electronics shop wanted someone to deal with a band of raiders who kept stealing him week after week. Regular people call the cops; he needed to be discreet and called the right people. Well I wouldn’t call those three the best for this kind of job, but the more affordable.

Rob agreed an appointment with the client at his house. When dealing with amateur customers, is better to go straight to the place of action and get ready in situ. The client didn’t have any valuable data to send.

Rob ordered Sam and Jessie to get ready for the journey. They prepared the spy luggage, defense devices (actually guns, tasers and handcuffs) and appropriate outfits. Gympie was at 250km of Gold Coast, three hours on the highway.

One hour later the three were already in the highway. At 1am they stopped to have lunch at a rest area:

R: What’s wrong with you? I’ve already told you not to drink so much beer when we are working.

J: Come on man! We have two hours on the road before arriving. I’ll be fine.

R: I am referring to peeing in the damn van! I am not going to stop every thirty minutes just to let you pee, and as you know, the peeing bottle is just for the long watch nights while camouflaged. And even then the van is stopped.

J: Whatever, I am going to the bathroom.

R: What’s up with you on Mondays?

S: I am OK. But Jessie when raving on Saturday, and wasted his Sunday, so today is still paying back the night out.

R: Got it. Damn brat…

Again in the van:

R: Sam, have you charged the new light cameras in the van?

S: Yes, but I haven’t tested them.

R: OK, make sure they work for this evening. I don’t want to use the old ones.

Now in the office of Akash, the owner of the electronic shop:

A: I was waiting for you!

R: We are on time.

A: Yes, yes, yes, I mean I have prepared your visit. First I’ll tell you the situation, then you can taste my cookies and tea-soda, and finally you’ll begin moving your ass. It’s been like five weeks now, every seven to nine days they come and steal me the money from the till and the purp.

—-Akash was the Indian owner of the electronics shop, yes it seems a topic but it’s is. His store sold electronics and processed the marijuana his people grew in his hidden fields. Of course having a business is a good way to wash money. Is for that he preferred the discretion of the team rather than the services of the local police.

A:  They first entered through the warehouse, at the back of the store, but when we prevented it they opted for the main entrance ruining the gasses! At the third raid, I put Julián as a keeper but he wasn’t very useful and I found him tied up and covered with dog poop the next morning.

R: How much time have you been in the business? I think you are a total amateur. You started making money by selling your weed but acted as a normal shop. Most people don’t realize this, but the opposition is the first to know someone is getting a part of their pie. Luckily Gympie is small, and gangs here are softcore compared to the ones in bigger cities.

A: So what should I do?

R: Trust us and get the best affordable service managing delicate situations like yours. First we wanna watch the store’s secure camera films.


R: OK, from what I see those punks are pretty lame. Their modus operandi is really basic. I can tell you the ones from the first raid where simply thefts that with no relation to the band. I guess they simply knew your kind of business and just decided to stole your pot and get some cash. But the other ones seem a little more organized and some of the raiders are the same people who keep stealing you. From that I confirm what you told us. A gang doesn’t want you selling in the same city.

We normally study in detail the situation, but in this case, the problem is very clear. During the day Sam and Jessie will ask around the city where do people get the pot to find where the dealers get theirs. I figure out who may be, but I prefer to confirm it. During the night we’ll watch over the shop waiting for the next assault. We’ll make sure we get those bastards; they’ll take us to the nest!

A: And how about the money?

R: A really good question and my unique interest in your problem: Depending on what kind of service you hire we charge more or less money.

A: Do you accept purp?

R: By no means. It’s difficult to place…

A: Got it…

R: For the detective stuff, we charge…, for watching over the shop…, for spying the nest…, and of course, if we spy the nest and find they are not connected to a bigger organization, to any sponsor, we offer you to ruin their facilities.

A: The whole pack! Ruin their network!

R: OK, as I said if we consider sensible we’ll take really serious measures. But ruining their facilities will leave the town without enough pot for weeks. Will you be able to supply the whole town?

A: No, but anyway go ahead. I’ll manage the situation. I’ll may raise the prices and buy material to a friend.

R: This won’t be our problem; we’ll do our job and get away. If you need further help we can provide help from associated companies.

After the meeting with Akash the team hires a hostel room near the shop. The hostel room with the van and the shop will be his home during the next days. It seems the work may be really lucrative and the next big thing in their business. They usually don’t get involved I such big things, if the former marijuana gang is big enough they’ll definitely have to hire and rely to a subcontractor, and this always is expensive.


—-And until here I write. I may continue this story but it only was a test, something to train. If I have to write something seriously I usually plan it. As you detect, the spicy scene has any link with the other one though we could tie in.

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Most of my text posts were written weeks or months ago and posted randomly/without correlation, so their time based relation is vague.
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I don&#8217;t know form what series come this but I can feel the tension

I don’t know form what series come this but I can feel the tension

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Futuristic 80s style and new retro wave.

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"This song is so sickly sweet and tender that I already feel my teeth falling."
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