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Let’s start microblogging with tumblr.! I’ll mostly post in English because has more audience and it’s good for practising it a little more!

I’ll post/fill this with INT/MISC STUFF, what I may thought, what I enjoy... Let’s post like pooping! —->this is about sketching, nothing really polished, just some ideas/concepts from my mind flow recorded here.

There was a guy who slept so little that the nights he woke up to pee could not be counted as sleep nights but two close naps.
— 1 day ago
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Do you feel it? At least I do feel it. The deadline is approaching and now is really close by and it’s for that my hard working self just awakened. A imaginary gun started pointing me… do or die, it is that simple. Enough slacking and more struggle.

But why my alarm starts ringing so late?

— 3 days ago
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Sleep few. Drink a lot of coffee. Waste time procrastinating but don’t have fun doing it. Try to do a fraction of what you planned to do today. Scream to everyone. Go to bed wishing tomorrow will come fast and will be better.
Sometimes happens.
— 4 days ago
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Whoa!! I love this drawing style. I am starting to read it just to relish the visuals!

— 5 days ago with 6 notes
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"I have to start trying to control lucid dreaming again really. So cool and creepy at the same time."
— 6 days ago
"The author decided not to simplify it for the audience’s sake."
— 6 days ago
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"I drive to home through stimulating bad weather with loud loud music to make it more thrilling. It feels great. The landscape is intimidating, the car and traffic lights shiny and my mood high spirited."
— 6 days ago
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"I am such a dork"
— 1 week ago
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