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Let’s start microblogging with tumblr.! I’ll mostly post in English because has more audience and it’s good for practising it a little more!

I’ll post/fill this with INT/MISC STUFF, what I may thought, what I enjoy... Let’s post like pooping! —->this is about sketching, nothing really polished, just some ideas/concepts from my mind flow recorded here.

And I just wanted to bury myself for that night in tons of semi depressing mangas, comics and series. To fall asleep with all that mess of stories and characters. It felt bittersweetly good. But all that was very different from my reality and where I lived. So. Putting all that aside I just enjoyed the media and returned to my pleasant enough reality. But all that media leaved some footprint… it marked and inspired my everyday life in something slightly nastier, friskier and kinky. And it felt great. 

— 1 day ago
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Anunci Voll Damm "Doble o res", els dos que han fet. Això sí son anuncis, i motiven.
— 1 day ago
"I am like the good wine. I just keep getting better."
— 1 day ago
#slowly  #better 
Don't only ask yourself what are you going to win but also what are you going to lose and if you are fine with it.
— 2 weeks ago
#win  #lose  #2nd law of thermo  #analogy 
"It’s hard for me not to put too much humor in my powerpoint presentations. Really."
— 2 weeks ago
#true  #story  #ppt 

Days ago my desktop PC crashed, specifically its HDD and graphic card. Now I’ve just realize I lost tons of hardcore partying pictures with my friends. The kind of you would enjoy after some years with your old and new friends, with your couple, or even with your family (but not now because as I said they are like too hardcore for the family). Taxi trips to discos and the consecutive party time. Alcoholic night BBQs, journeys to the beach, the “erotic drink”/striptease I was given in the podium of a club. The shamefull/spicy/almost illegal pics from the trips with friends that I don’t burn in DVDs for the family but I kept in a locked hidden folder in the HDD… All those pretty memories now are probably lost. I don’t feel really sad for this because I am not the kind of person who nostalgically watches old pictures. I try to keep making new memories. But you know, all of that were a part of me, defined a part of my life. A part that I could be proud of.

Some of my friends have some of that media, but only a small fraction. I had some of them backed up, but I’ve lost a big part for sure.

— 2 weeks ago
#ooh :(  #:(  #shit happens 
There was a guy who slept so little that the nights he woke up to pee could not be counted as sleep nights but two close naps.
— 2 weeks ago
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Do you feel it? At least I do feel it. The deadline is approaching and now is really close by and it’s for that my hard working self just awakened. A imaginary gun started pointing me… do or die, it is that simple. Enough slacking and more struggle.

But why my alarm starts ringing so late?

— 3 weeks ago
#text  #slack  #struggle  #now 
Sleep few. Drink a lot of coffee. Waste time procrastinating but don’t have fun doing it. Try to do a fraction of what you planned to do today. Scream to everyone. Go to bed wishing tomorrow will come fast and will be better.
Sometimes happens.
— 3 weeks ago
#sometimes happens  #happens