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Let’s start microblogging with tumblr.! I’ll mostly post in English because has more audience and it’s good for practising it a little more!

I’ll post/fill this with INT/MISC STUFF, what I may thought, what I enjoy... Let’s post like pooping! —->this is about sketching, nothing really polished, just some ideas/concepts from my mind flow recorded here.

7-6-14 Drawing featuring pareidolia by ECAsCLOUD

A fast sketch I drew today&#8230;

(atokniiro style inspired part of this)

7-6-14 Drawing featuring pareidolia by ECAsCLOUD

A fast sketch I drew today…

(atokniiro style inspired part of this)

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"Sincerity is sexy the same way understanding is beautiful."
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"#it’s lame to put that many tags."
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Recently I’ve been writing in the computer with the regular MS word using the “Consolas” font. It’s easy to read and looks good on the screen.

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June the 4th, 2014

Today A and M returned from the two days trip to a congress. Everything went fine, but well, there were little things that could go wrong. A as always seemed very busy and today, a little disappointed. Something was going on. - Sometimes I think if it is right to do that many things at the same time. When you cannot bear with all them for extended periods of time I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just do less things.-

I was working in the computer in the office as today I had no experimental work to do. Soon after arriving in the morning, A went to the office next to us. The walls are thick but they let some sound pass through. A regular meeting was going on, and as always the department staff “medium bosses” were arguing slightly too loud. I heard A, I heard S and of course I heard R, who shouts as much as A among other voices. The meeting was brief and its participants soon split up. R remained in the room as it is his office. I could follow the chain of events by hearing the noises and voices.

A returned alone fast to her office, shared with S and another one I don’t remember. She started aggressively typing her laptop when EK entered the room to talk with her. Yeah; those two were sure friends and allies in the workplace. Both were similar age, good looking for their age, took care of their appearance… From their talk I extracted grants from I don’t know where were given and the department were not lucky. TB didn’t get his, another one neither… the same with RP, who A and EK where sympathizing and also A and EK weren’t very lucky. Their conversation switched to the issue of presenting some results to someone I understand may be a bigger boss. Their problem was that this person they had to present results or tell something was angry and they were discussing if telling him/her then (because they simply had to) or wait two days to let things calm down. With a rush of impulsivity A proposed to just go tell the issue right then, so the two leaved to do it. I still was in the office and I just leaved for a while to talk to administration to get some shitty papers I need to send to apply for a congress. Damn! Almost thirty Euros for something with the firm of the dean I just paid a year ago, and I will have to pay again in like one or two months because it actualizes every month. But anyway, returning to my narrative version of the events I’ve been spectator today:

A and M brought something to eat from the congress, so the whole department joint to eat it and relax for a while. The meeting only lasted for five minutes. We eat the thing and slit up fast again. Everybody had tones of stuff to do. The conversations we had weren’t really about nothing, it’s difficult to talk about anything with that few time.

Back again to the office, A and S (I was again in the computer of the office) talked about how annoying and fastidious was R. The general mood wasn’t the best for sure and during the day I heard more than thrice regrets and complains about R. S was more reserved than A, so A was who was leading the conversation, S simply agreed or gave her opinion. The two were whispering, is for that I only got some parts of the conversation. Summarizing, what I blurrily got is: R was good back in his old days, with a good number of publications. The last ten years he is done almost nothing, just an article that published or is preparing to publish trying to refute something about the EGFR someone wrote. Now he is a nuisance that keeps bothering and everybody just have to bear with it because he is the older one, the one with most publications (really? I don’t know it for sure), more or less the “chief” of the department.

Well, he taught me two subjects during the degree and yes, he is a presumptuous senile bothersome. He is for sure a very interesting person, but you soon get tired of him, his character and his crazes and mood changes. In his own personal office doing almost nothing (I guess), when he gets bored, goes to annoy to the labs or other offices of the department to talk to people (not with people), preferably the high ranking ones that are below him. To give unasked advice, to forecast how the results will turn to or to tell he already anticipated the results they are getting. To recruit people to have breakfast or lunch with… And this doesn’t stop here. I’ve heard from different fonts that he just asks people to involve him in their publications to have his name in, that he is a parasite now… By the way, I don’t want to give my opinion but just the facts I’ve been told about him and little stuff I’ve seen.

The morning and midday passed fast and I got done a little more than what I expected – a good thing. A asked me to meet now or after having lunch to talk about my results and decide how to perform my tomorrow’s experiment. I preferred before having lunch. After our quick meeting, with some answered questions thanks to S who was sitting in her computer in our office, I went to have lunch with some friends of the faculty. First I met Z who was with this sister and two of her friends who I don’t remember what were doing there. They soon leaved. Ra and Ro soon came and joined the lunch. We soft talked about what we were doing, we planned to do something this summer, and really nothing more. I have to say I was high on coffee and therefore a little hyped. I wanted to talk about some of the much gossip I heard today, but that wouldn’t have fit in our conversations, so I stored it in case someday I need it. After the pleasant enough conversation (the food wasn’t good as always) we split and I went home. I listened to podcasts as I always do during my car trip to home. I watched some TV and slept a little because I was really tired (while listening to another podcast, 99 percent invisible this time). And well… I just woke up to write this. Now I should do some work about my final degree project but I am not sure if I’ll do anything. I should also do some sport, for example soft home work out to grow some more muscles or at least maintain them. And… go change shoes my parents bought me. But I doubt I’ll be able to do all this I plan since I am still tired and it’s really late.

Footnotes: This might be called a personal diary entry. When I was young I was given a diary to write and I did for some time. But I just stop doing it. Maybe it’s good to write a personal diary, but I usually don’t have time or don’t want to write it. Also I prefer to just write whatever I mind whenever I fancy it; not because it’s become an habit or because I have to.

I’ve just written approximately how my day was and what I heart/seen. A regular day, from now on I’ll have more days like today. More office work and far less exhausting experimental work days. By far this wasn’t one exciting day compared to others I recently had, but today I felt like writing. And I am about to finish because I don’t have anything left to write today (well, actually I remember I could add that tomorrow I have to be extremely early in the morning in the faculty to perform an experiment as my tutor forgot to reserve the flow cytometer, that we have to do some changes in the experimental work because she confused some markers and the results are divergent and many other (minor, not a big problem for me) stuff).

I’ve practiced very little my English writing skills, and I am not sure I’ll check this text for mistakes, but I am going to post it, coz… why not? It’s tumblr anyway, and this is what people do. Moreover, I have not given (almost) anybody my tumblr address, and every post I add is diluted with the others and the cool pictures (and some .gif!, but relax, nothing that make your eyes bleed, it’s mostly neat and eye friendly) I post.

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I will start learning some psycho and sociology to know better how people think and behave; all this to hack and try to direct them. I think it’s a good point. I learned some tips before, practical advice from magazines/blogs that work well enough. If you know what people want and you give it to them, you win them.

This may seem a little evil, but by the way, all of us are just incredibly complicated machines reacting to incoming stimulus. If you know (a little better) how the system behaves, you may might foresee what will do.

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She – Coloris

The darkness surrounds us, the evening is gone and among the night the shows begins. Violently loud noises make the earth tremble; they are synthetic like coming from a switching-on massive high tech machinery. Soon a sharp robotic voice welcomes us to the future and the stimulating pseudo musical composition goes on and saturates our brains. Sharp high contrasted shapes show in too bright screens while shiny light beams point every corner in the ambiance. Did I have acid? Did I drink too much energy drink? Maybe, but probably no. What’s going on? It’s just the music synced with too many FX over-stimulating all your senses and driving you euphoric.

Are you driving? You’ll definitely turn up the volume and put on speed. Are you high spirited ridding recklessly your mountain bike and the shuffle gets you to this track? Just let it induce you sport rapture. In a concert? Sip your drink and wait for a peak of pleasure. Anyway, it’s “COLORIS” by “She”, you just discovered it and right now you love it. Relish it because anybody close by knows about it and you’ll get tired of it soon.

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